Deepali Jadhav “Photography is an art”

We had an enjoyable interview with Indian travel photographer Deepali Jadhav who lived in Mumbai. We asked questions to her about art of photography. We got to know her and her profession better. We think you will like it. Enjoy the interview.


Can you talk a little bit about yourself?

My name is Deepali Jadhav. I’m a 21 year old Travel Photographer, based in Mumbai, India. I made my first step into photography at the age of twelve, when I used to take photos with my dad’s nokia phone.


Deepali JadhavWhen did you get the first camera in your hand?

I always had the love for photographs. So my dad gifted me my first camera 2 years ago (which I’m very grateful for) . I didn’t know anything about the DSLR. I went from clicking on auto mode to learning how to use manual mode. And I keep on learning new methods and try to improve my post processing. I still have a lot to learn about this art.

Why did you want to be a photographer? What led you to this place?

Being a photographer, It is not something I’ve decided overnight. I’ve always been passionate about photography. It’s a part of my personality, sharing my work, creating something new. Photography is an art. There’s always something new to learn, and it never makes me bored. I get to show the world what I see. It’s a whole different world through your lens. Photography makes you want to get up and get out the house. You lose yourself in shooting, and all your worries and stresses just melt away.

What is your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is ‘travel photography’. It basically involves the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. I click portraits, landscapes, documentary, streets, micro-photography, as well as all the aspects of travel.

Deepali Jadhav

Can you shoot outside the city where you live?

I travel outside the city on weekends. I research new places on Google. Sometimes I go out without any plan or any sense of destination. I pick any direction and explore everything on the way. Mostly, unexplored places. I love the thrill of capturing new scenes and experiences, and of coming home with loads of quality images.

I do not travel everyday, as much as I want to, it’s not feasible for me. But I never sit at home on weekends. I travel to another cities whenever I get the chance.

Deepali Jadhav

How much of your day do you devote to photography?

The quickest process is selecting your best photos from a pile of pictures. Most of my time goes into post processing. When i edit the pictures, it usually takes about half an hour. I keep the edited photos in a separate folder and look at them the next day with a fresh eye. Most of the times, I re- edit them till it feels right. There’s no formula for this, it’s more of an instinct. I try to tell a story through my pictures, so the writing is the most time consuming part. So on average, I spend around 2 hours on a single picture.

How do you know that a photo you took is “good”?

‘Good’ photos are the ones with perfect lighting, saturation and a unique subject. For me personally, authenticity is the most important thing. If your pictures have a particular feeling or a vibe, which makes viewer look at them for more than 2 seconds and make them feel something, I’d consider it as a ‘good’ photo.

Deepali Jadhav

You accompany the most special moments of people with your photos. What does this make you feel?

Im a very introverted and shy person, but when I’m taking photos, I forget about everything else. Camera is the tool I use to connect with people.I talk to people, I connect with them and it all feels very natural. when you ask a stranger for a picture, you automatically become the strange thing that’s happened to them that day. It always surprises me how kind people are. I’ve met some amazing people through my journey. And every one of them has left a story behind them.

Do you have any difficulties while shooting?

Being a woman photographer in India, sometimes it’s difficult to travel alone. I usually take my sister with me, or some friends. But it’s very risky travelling on your own. But whenever I do, I have to be extra attentive and responsible. But the spark of travelling somewhere new, melts away all my worries.

Deepali Jadhav

What do you do other than photography?

Well, other than photography, my life is basically boring. I am a mechanical engineering student. It’s my final year so I’m considering doing a MBA next year. Other than that, I sketch and paint alot. I write sometimes. Im also a big plant lover so I keep planting more plants than I should. I also read. I like collecting things which no one finds interesting, like rocks, crystals, seashells, twigs,old leaves,animal bones and pretty much everything related to nature.


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