Andrew Dmitriev “Photography is a time machine”

We had a good interview with Russian photographer Andrew Dmitriev from Moscow. We needed to get to know Andrew better and this profession. We think you will like it. Enjoy the interview.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 26 years old, I have lived in Moscow all my life, currently I work, as well as I am engaged in photography and design. I love travel in any form; it is already a joy for me to leave the city for 100 kilometers. I love beautiful music and interesting movies, in which I very often find inspiration.


How long have you been doing photo shoots?

I started to actively engage in photography 4 years ago, although I had a good camera for a long time. I wanted to become a wedding photographer, but after several shoots, I realized that you can’t just pick up a camera and take good pictures right away. I was then 17 years old and youthful maximalism was in full swing, I wanted to move mountains, but in fact I gave up photography without really even starting and only occasionally took out my camera.

Andrew Dmitriev

When did you get the first camera in your hand?

Oh, it’s hard to remember, our family has always had film cameras, in Russia they are called “soap dishes”. These are cameras where there is only one shutter button and one more button to rewind the film. This was the first time I tried to shoot with such a camera, but my real interest woke up when I got my hands on a Nikon Coolpix 2100 digital camera, I was 11-12 years old. The characteristics for those years were fantastic: 2.1 megapixels, maximum photo resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels, aperture 2.6 and even several photo modes. I really liked shooting in macro mode then, as in this mode I was able to blur the background.

Andrew Dmitriev

Why did you want to become a photographer? What brings you to this place?

I didn’t have a goal of becoming a photographer, I just did what I liked, and when you like something and you give in to this business, the puzzle itself develops as it should.

What is your area of ​​expertise?

Most of all I try to develop myself in portrait photography, as well as in landscape, architecture and travel photography.

Andrew Dmitriev

Can you shoot outside the city where you live?

I live in Moscow, I can go to not very distant places, but mostly I shoot in the city.

How much time do you spend on photography?

I try to do 2-3 shootings a week, unfortunately, I cannot devote all my time to photography.

What is the short picture for you?

Photography is a time machine, however, only to the past. This is a frozen moment of your life, but you can always reproduce it in your memory and experience the feelings and emotions that were at the time of shooting.

Andrew Dmitriev

How do you know that the photo you took is “good”?

I am quite self-critical of myself, so until I like the photo I will not publish it. The photo should be with the correct focus and composition of the frame, without overexposed areas, with the correct white balance. Naturally, you can deviate from these rules.

You accompany the most special moments of people with your photos. What does it make you feel?

I really enjoy capturing various moments from the lives of my clients. To feel that everything was not in vain, and people became happier.

Andrew Dmitriev

Do you have difficulty shooting?

Difficulties may arise for me from unpredictable weather, when the sun is very bright, but I still need to shoot, I have to look for certain places or use reflectors. During the photo session, it may rain, which can also disrupt all plans.

Can you describe your best and worst moments?

The worst moment is when it was not possible to find a common language with the model, occasionally, but it happens. This is a damn unpleasant situation and you want to finish everything as soon as possible, but time in this case drags on for a very long time. Such a situation during the shooting will immediately be reflected in the photographs. The best moment is when everything works out: contact with the model is established, there is a well-thought-out concept of shooting, there are no problems with location and weather conditions, and the main thing is the delight from the photos received, this reaction is very important for me.

Andrew Dmitriev

What technique are you working on?

Now I study light in photography in detail, because light is one of the most important details. Thanks to light, you can convey the mood of a photo, point to an important fragment, or vice versa, divert attention from something. There are many lighting schemes and a lot of practice. I also want to improve my night photography skills.

Andrew Dmitriev

What kind of shooting are you planning to shoot?

I am planning a photo session with a movie projector, and it is also interesting to try to work with constant light sources. I also recently started taking photographs with a drone.

Andrew Dmitriev

What do you do besides photography?

In addition to photography and work, I try to actively spend time, play sports, travel, take video courses about photography. I am also a volunteer of the LizaAlert search unit, in my free time I help to search for missing people in the city and in the natural environment.



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